07 November, 2014

A Little Guide to LARP: Part 4 - Deity

This is the final part of the Little Guide to LARP series. Four booklets, each with seven points in them.

A link to all 4 parts (This may be removed shortly) 

They aren't designed to be comprehensive guides to everything in the LARP experience. Instead, they're just some helpful guides for players who are thinking of getting involved, or increasing their level of involvement but aren't sure what to do. Certain bits in one booklet echo ideas from another booklet (but from different perspectives), this helps reinforce the social and relational elements inherent in this style of play.

I could probably write a far more comprehensive guide on LARPing, but there are many different styles of LARP, dozens of very different rule sets that I'm aware of, probably at least as many rule sets that I'm not familiar with, and plenty of systemless games that rely on social etiquette and unwritten rules that you just have to be a part of. Once I start taking the path of detailing specific forms of play, I open Pandora's box.

I think the four booklets written so far cover the basics that I wanted to get across. They'd basically form the "How to Roleplay" section of the text, so I didn't have to write that bit in the Steampunk/Pirate LARP rules.
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