26 October, 2012

Variable Availability Pocketmod

While I'm on my Pocketmod kick, I've had another idea.

It basically draws from Apocalypse World, where a number of character playbooks are only available through specific channels (monsterhearts also did this by including a limited edition skin for those who participated in the crowdfunding).

The idea is to produce a range of Pocketmod Playbooks that are only available through certain means, or at certain times of the year.

Since each Pocketmod Playbook is a self contained character or scenario, there could be seasonal items (eg. a Halloween scenario available only during October each year), or items only available at specific online stores or forums (eg. a specific character type only available at my RPGNow store, another one only available at my website). A limited character only available one day of the year, a specific promotional scenario that is limited to fifty downloads (once it's gone, it's gone). This might tie into long term gaming continuity.

Then I'd be more than willing to have other people write up Pocketmod Playbooks available on their own websites.

Just an idea at the moment.
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