28 October, 2012

Plans after NaGa DeMon

I'll be spending most of November frantically split between rewriting Walkabout (from an incoherent bunch of word documents, scraps of paper into a format ready to be playtested), creating sculptures, etching metal for the purposes of fine art prints, painting WW2 style bomber art on sheets of metal, and tasting more varieties of alcoholic beverage than most people get through in a lifetime (while getting paid to do so).

If I survive November, the aim is to get a pre-production copy of Hell on Eight Wheels printed, get a bit more refinement and playtesting happening on Walkabout, and then to start work on the first "Pocketmod Playbooks" game.

General feedback from G+ indicates that I should produce this first game based around the concept of scavengers in the fallen cities of the Walkabout world. (several people commented and virtually all of their comments pointed the same way). I think a follow up game might explore the Goblins from last year's tarot deck.
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