14 April, 2012

Where is roleplaying going wrong?

I had a few great conversations last weekend at Sydney's Eye-Con roleplaying convention, some of these were bout the way the roleplaying hobby seems to be going and how we can get it back on track.

My thoughts at the time led to conclusions about blaming "World of Warcraft" and MMORPGs, which aren't real RPGs, but which lure the majority of the players nto something that is a pseudo-roleplaying experience. But I even pointed out at the time...now we blame WOW, 20 years ago we blamed the rise of Magic the Gathering, and in the decades before that we blamed the rise of corporate miniature gaming conglomerates like Games Workshop. It's easy to lay blame, but hard to make the choices that might improve our hobby and spread it to the wider community.

Personally, I think the Cel*Style initiative is great. It reaches out to the anime fans with games that they might be inclined to play...and that crosses over to cosplay territory where the participants are halfway toward roleplaying anway.

I just clicked on a link on google+, I can't remember who posted it (sorry), but it has gotten me thinking about some of the other issues we have as designers, GMs and players of RPGs.

I'm not going to editorialise any further, head across and read the article. It's pretty well considered and offers some great food for thought. The link is here.
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