Dead and FUBAR'd play verdict...

Two sessions of Dead and FUBAR'd at a convention today. One a macabre slapstick where souls degenerated into blasphemous and eldritch things, and the other a cynically black comedy where a psychopath found his come-uppance in the form of so many debilitating injuries that he simply couldn't go further without horrendous penalties.

It was interesting to see the game in full swing with two very different play of which was a rollicking rollercoaster ride while the other was more of a slow burn along a twisting winding mountain road down into oblivion. 

It was great to get some with feedback from people who played the game at the last convention six months ago, they'd gone home and tried to capture the lightning in a bottle of my GMing style with their games at home and found that the system certainly facilitates this style of play. It's not just me. I still haven't managed to play a straight up serious version of FUBAR (using any of the expansions I've developed for it).

At least seven more sessions of play over the next few days, wit various numbers of players and assorted play styles. This should be fun.


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