Dead and FUBAR'd Mid Con Analysis

Because some people don't believe it happens without photographic evidence...

The game has been doing surprisingly well with a variety of play styles.

Five sessions down and we've seen a decent range from blatant zombie stereotypes in South Park-styled slapstick, through to characterised dark comedy.

I still haven't seen a session of serious introspection and questioning of the human psyche...but from what I've seen, the system seems robust enough that it would handle that style of play.

If I referenced what I've seen back to my vector theories about roleplaying. The game certainly suffers a bit when their are effectively eight forces simultaneously tug-of-warring in different directions to pull the story toward their chosen narrative (6 players, GM, and rules), the rules and the GM basically following along for the ride, subservient to the collective will of the players as gestalt. With four players, the GM and rules can combine their force to pull the game a bit more strongly toward a specific ending.

In the end though, it seems that the high number of players still allows an enjoyable game as everyone plays off against one another's traits.

Tomorrow I have a scheduled session with 2 players, it will be interesting to see how the game handles the low number.

I'll offer a bit more analysis then.


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