17 July, 2011

The Shadowy Cabal

The point that prompted this post was over on one of my regular haunts, 1km1kt...

So the question is, how can we be proactive about this situation. Could we implement a 1km1kt rating system based on either reader votes of a shadowy cabal like the MPAA? If we haven't already, a "your top five free games" might help to ensure a person's first contact with free is something good and not yet another attempt to re-write D&D.

...so the question is whether this would be feasible, who would be involved and how would we ensure that the feedback is meaningful.

Perhaps there is already something that could be used as a basic model for the concept, a site like Cool Mini or Not), or maybe I could generate up a computer database system allowing people to assign a value from 1-10 for specific categories (innovation of rules, readability, layout, etc.), then applying weighting component to someone's votes based on the number of products they've voted on, reviews they may have written...all of this takes effort and you'd need some kind of incentive program to make it worthwhile.

I still think it's an idea that could be worth pursuing.
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