27 July, 2011

Back to the Goblins

Game Chef is over.

I'm not too happy with my result.

Lots of potential in it, but I just wasn't able to realise that potential in time.

So it's back to my pet project of the Goblin Labyrinth.

The Goblin City (Status Report)
I've sculpted up the first two of my blank hex templates for the labyrinthine Goblin city, these blanks are made from plaster and I'll be carving them and adding to them until I get the desired result. I'll probably be sculpting a few dozen more of these blank templates before I'm done. If I get the chance I'll update the vulpinoid studios website with a few works in progress.

Goblin Tarot (Status Report)
I've started generating a few more images for the minor arcana. Just assorted goblins displaying a wide range of cultural heritage, and posed in a variety of comical, macabre or slightly odd manners. I'll be compositing these images into cards shortly for uploading onto deviantart.

The Miniatures Game (Status Report)
Last night I started compiling my notes again for this part of the project. I think I've found a new streamlined way to handle conflict between packs of chaotic greenskins, something that adds tactics and drama. When I'm happy with this incarnation of the rules, I'll be sending them out to my usual forum haunts to see if I can elicit any feedback.

Games for Goblins (Status Report)
I'd still love to develop this side of the project, but I think I've got enough on my plate at the moment.
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