14 July, 2011

Game Chef 2011: First Thoughts

The theme this year is "William Shakespeare".

I've just watched "Gnomeo and Juliet" a few days ago.

I love "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead", and I've long toyed with the idea of writing a novel in this vein, where the plot of my narrative intertwines with the narrative of a classic, key points in both crossing over at twists and junctions.

I can even justify some of these ideas within the context of my vector theory of RPG design.

The players choose minor characters from a Shakespearean play, characters who don't die in the traditional text (or if they do, maybe it only seems that way...and they'll have to make deliberate efforts to avoid appearing in future crossover scenes). If such characters die in the new story, perhaps someone can masquerade as their role when the next crossover occurs.

Spontaneous thought: In the last run of David Tennant as the Doctor (in Dr Who), there is a notion that some events in spacetime are fixed, while other are mutable. I'm imagining that crossover points between the Shakespearean play and the game are those fixed points. But how much diversity of story can you achieve between those points.

It's a bit railroady, but when a game focuses on relationships outside the context of the core story I can see some interesting drama unfolding.

It's a hell of a concept, we'll have to see what the ingredients are for this years contest...hopefully, they'll refine the game ideas for me.

...but how do I incorporate the gnomes without it getting silly???
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