02 October, 2008

Polyurethane Resin

Over the last couple of weeks I've been working on some more physical projects, and this has meant the blog has been put on hold a bit.

But on the positive side, I've now got some new pictures to show what I've been doing...

steampunk goggles

resin coins

These are some coins and some Steampunk goggles I've been sculpting to go with some of the games I'm working on.

The coins are designed to be used as meta-game currency in The Eighth Sea. The larger coins being used as "Pieces of Eight", which are used by players to purchase changes in the storyline. The smaller coins are use as Wind tokens, to modify difficulties within the game.

At least that's the theory so far...I might end up swapping these two types of coin around depending on how well they play at Sydcon over this weekend.

The goggles are for a number of purposes, but mostly just for use as a fun prop in Steampunk games. I'll be using them at Sydcon over the weekend, and hopefully they'll generate enough interest that someone might want to buy a pair.

Further details about these will be available on my website, as soon as that becomes operational.
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