Have you ever had one of those dreams that seems really symbolic at the time, you wake up getting the feeling that you really need to act on the subconscious messages contained within.

I had one of those last night.

Seeing people from my past, people who were apologising for actions they had done, while other members of my private history were telling me not to forgive them.

I'm sure there could be a whole lot of things read into this dream.

But I'm not sure if I want to...how much would be read into it and how much is actually a connection to a global subconscious dreamscape??


Andrew Smith said…
That depends entirely on your metaphysical model. If dreams are really just part of the subconscious, then you are the only one affected by the dream. Conversely, if a dream has its origins in an otherworldly existence, you may be compelled to take action.

I go for the former. It's your own brain that's summoning images from the past and passing them through current assumptions and desires. What do you think?
vulpinoid said…
..I guess that there lies the crux of the issue of faith.

I've always been someone who has attempted to experience as much of what they can in order to achieve a wider range of knowledge, and therefore make more informed decisions based on the patterns I have observed.

How much of dream is experience, and how much is ephemera? I've read quite a bit on the topic, but no-one seems to have any better ideas than anyone else. Neither scientific nor mystic community has a strong grasp on the events concerned. Despite both being adamant that the other side of the fence is "WRONG"!!!

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