New Sequential Art Project

I've started developing a project that links into one of my other hobbies...sequential art, commonly referred to as comics, but often encompassing a wide variety of media.

There have been some ideas sitting in the back of my mind. Ideas that have festered for quite some time, like many of my game design ideas.

I think I've hinted at a few of these ideas during previous entries of my blog, but I'm just too lazy at the moment to go back through them all and read what I may or may not have written. It's easier to just go forward with my plans and hope that if I'm repeating anything, then a subconscious and instinctive memory pattern will prevent me from making the same mistakes I might have made in the past.

I've spent the last few nights generating some archetypal characters for a story, I'll have to see what I can do to load some of these images up to my photobucket account, or I might try to resubmit some work to Elfwood (though the images of characters don't have an inherently fantasy or science fiction feel to them even if the sequential artwork will eventually link to these concepts). I might have to work up some of the images a bit more and send them to my currently inactive DeviantArt account. For some reason, I can't load them onto my website and access them from here.


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