11 October, 2008

Framework for New Website now works.

After encountering a mysterious glitch that stopped most of my pages from rendering on any web-browser other than Firefox 2, it now seem that new updated version of the Vulpinoid Studios website now works.

As for some of the questions about why the website is currently designated version 2.2.0, that's pretty simple, but it goes back a while.

To cut a long story short, I had a previous website in the late 1990's and early 2000's, I even had a domain name registered for it. The various iterations of that website fall under the category of the 1.X.X series of version numbers.

You can probably still find copies of it on the wayback machine, or by googling Ukiyo Zoshi, which was one of my earlier game concepts that was run by a few German groups in the early 2000's and still seems to be used as a object of modification by some game designers.

The 2.X.X series of version numbers represents my second serious web presence. Where versions 2.1.0 through to 2.1.6 were different incarnations of a layout that has developed and evolved over the course of 2008. Enough tweaking and modification led me to abandon the layout concept that formed the core structure for this site. Hence moving onward to version 2.2.0. Hopefully, the next couple of weeks will see a few more revisions of the site, but these should mainly come in the form of updated text/images, insertion of multimedia components, and general improvement of streamlining and usability.

Then I might be able to get back to some game design.
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