02 October, 2017

#DIY30 #30

30. Share something cool you made if you can at all justify it as RPG related.

Last One.

With the Shonen Knife concert this week, and the production of an image to possibly get signed by one of my favourite bands, things have been thrown out of their regular schedule. This has been made even worse by other complications around the house, and generally not feeling well. As a result, this post is two days late.

One of the curious things I saw as I was doing research for this picture was the fact that on the Band's bio page, two of the members indicate that they enjoy playing games. No specification as to whether they lay board games, card games or RPGs...but the fact that they indicated game play on their biographical details was awesome in itself.

Still, I probably can't really justify this as an RPG related share.

Instead, I'll have to share the Vulpinoid Studios online store. I've got heaps of things for sale there, and some of it even sells occasionally. Visit it at RPGNow, I could do with a few more sales

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