02 October, 2017

A Good System Reference Document

D&D 3.0 and 3.5 had complex system resource documents which basically functioned as a non-illustrated, no-examples, fairly-stripped-back version of the rules. D&D 5.0 has a similar document floating around. I never really got into D&D 4, so I don't know if that edition had one. A few other games have system reference documents which function as a way to get third-party developers to create products that remain generally consistent with the rules released by the original publisher.

I'm starting the process of looking at various system resource documents, with the intention of creating my own SRD for the game system used in "The Law".

So, my questions are... what are the good SRDs around at the moment? What do you think makes a good SRD?

I have found John Kim's list of SRDs, but would be interested to hear people's thoughts on the matter.

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