13 April, 2017

Further Flavours in the Mix

Further to yesterday's post, I couldn't add Blade Runner wholesale into the mix, because Blade Runner is essentially an empty world, where the remains of humanity exist in vast technological cities while the majority of humanity has already ascended to the stars. The concepts of policing in Blade Runner are also quite different to the authoritarian attitudes of policing in the Judge Dredd universe (and that remains the core concept around which other elements must fit).

But just because I can't mesh the two completely, it doesn't mean they are mutually exclusive, after all they both fit in the cyberpunk mould. I can certainly add elements of Blade Runner to the mix, Replicants might be a potential fit for the setting, along with robotic animals (because the natural animals are now rare due to planetary environmental degradation). Flying vehicles are common to both settings. I'm sure there are numerous other little bits and pieces that could be ported across.

Shadowrun...flat out "NO". Call me anthrocentric, but I don't want elves, dwarves, orcs, and fantasy tropes messing up my cyberpunk. SLA Industries could act as an indirect inspiration, since it is more alien in it's exoticness (but who knows what is happening to that intellectual property at the moment).  
I could also probably add the blueprint maps I was drawing towards the end of 2015.

These imply a distinct island setting, a free trade zone separate from the other nations of the planet, and incorporating a space port. It might be a specific setting for the game, with a slightly different flavour to the main project. At the moment I'm generally thinking of ways to incorporate unfinished projects of the past and make them worthwhile again.

I could also fill in elements of the game with various other images that I've shared at different times here on the blog (if only I could find the originals again).

 They exist, why not use them.

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