18 April, 2017

200 Words (Part 2)

Looks like it's fine to post these 200 word games for feedback while the contest is going...so here's the second iteration of what I've been working on.

Old Scratch
There were thirteen of you at the start; each gaining a supernatural talent from a ritual exactly one decade ago.
Tonight, back at the crossroads, Old Scratch calls his due.

Thirteen “power coins” at centre of table.

Start 13 pages with sentence describing character before the ritual, then number 1-10 down the page (1/year)

Write these questions on index cards, each player also writes their own question on a card…
    Who was betrayed?
    What was sacrificed?
    Who died? (choose NPC; remove question if none left)

All players dealt a five-card hidden hand (standard deck). Each chooses a page (others are NPCs)

    Begin Year
    Randomly Deal Questions
    Everyone cuts deck, highest goes first.
        Current player claims coin (from centre or from another player), explains this event by answering their question (avoiding contradictions)
        Other players respond by playing a card from hand.
        If black cards outnumber red, claimed coin is kept.; otherwise coin returned.
        Played cards shuffled into deck, hands refilled.
    Next player
    If tenth year, end; otherwise, next year.

Total players’ coins and red cards at end (best poker hand breaks ties), highest chooses game’s survivor (not themselves). Old Scratch claims the rest.  

Not 100% happy with the end game, But I've still got 7 words to play with.

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