26 March, 2017


Agents of the law have signature equipment. Often these pieces of equipment have the word "Law" in their title somewhere.

"Law-keepers", "Law-masters", "Law-bringers"

The vehicles that bring Agents of the Law to the scene of a crime are the "Law-bringers". These are lightly-armoured, highly-maneuverable cycles designed for high speed alley chases and highway patrol. There are generally four types of Lawbringer Cycle; one is a base model that most agents start with, and three are upgraded variants assigned to sergeants and captains of the department. The three upgraded variants either have heavier armour, AI navigation systems, or are hovercycles.

I've been working on a design for a cycle. I haven't decided if it's the general cycle, or the AI version (it certainly doesn't look to have heavy armour unless it has some kind of integrated force shield...and it has wheels, so it doesn't quite fit the idea I have in mind for a hovercycle).

Here's what I've got so far.

It still needs a lot more work, but once I've got the shape right, it will be easy to generate imagery by rendering up the cycle in an appropriate scene, then applying the various filters that will give the game imagery it's signature look.

Speaking of which, here's another air of background images I threw together.

Now it's back to uni assignment work, and in a few days I might have some more image updates.

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