13 March, 2017

Image Free Player's Guide

Here's a copy of The Law.

It doesn't have images in it, but just imagine dark-gritty-noir-cyberpunk-2000AD-Dredd inspired images all through it.

I've thought long and hard about the extra things I want to add to it, but most of those things are probably better suited to a GM/Dispatch guide. Such things include...

  • details about how to actually guide agents through a patrol
  • ideas about different types of scenes that could be played through (vehicle chases, interrogations, negotiating with kidnappers/terrorists/corporate-management, etc)
  • twists in the story that could be inserted when agents cause certain situations to unfold (eg. discovering later in the story, that killing a certain gang member a few scenes ago was a bad move)
  • ideas for the Department of Law R&D labs, and how they can offer untested equipment to agents if a requisition roll is made
  • ideas about linking multiple patrols into an ongoing story
  • ideas for developing quirky gang members and citizens who aren't necessary threats but are instead fun story elements in their own right.

These are things that players don't really need to know.

There could be a whole lot more to add to this. But I need to stop somewhere, and this basically works as a core concept that's really close to where I was aiming with my "Familiar" game, so it's won't take a whole lot to adapt the work here back into that game idea.

For the moment, back to University work.

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