27 August, 2016

#RPGaDay 22 and 23

Day 22 - Supposedly randomly game events that keep recurring?

I don't know that I've played any game long enough for this to occur. Similarly, as indicated previously in this year's questions I know a group of gamers who tend to play the player, rather than the scenario. I don't see random things happening, instead I see the same players riffing off against one another in the same ways, in different settings and genres, and under different sets of game mechanisms.

I really don't think this question is valid to my gaming experience.

Day 23 - Share one of your best "worst luck" stories.

In the classic "World of Darkness", werewolves would spontaneously throw up if they ever ingested vampire blood...unless they failed some kind of roll (it might have been Stamina or Gnosis), if they botched the roll they'd die. I understand that this was a mechanism put in place to stop certain types of players gaining access to a range of powers from both the Vampire and the Werewolf rule sets. If a werewolf were ever killed with Vampire blood in their veins (because they'd failed the earlier roll), there was a chance they'd become an "Abomination", a vampiric werewolf using their spiritual Gnosis to hold the bloodthirsty beast at bay rather than their humanity. Then there was the book "Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand", where the Vampiric discipline of "Vicissitude" was an infection that could be transmitted via the blood of the Tzimisce clan of Vampires, again if you failed the roll you'd become susceptible to the disease even if you normally shouldn't have.

This all goes back to +Klaus Teufel again. I didn't know much about this stuff at the time, when I was playing my first LARP werewolf character. I was playing a naive innocent in a dangerous world, and only really read the books in detail when I figured my character would be aware of what was happening. I kept failing my character's rolls, watching him falling further from innocence with each one. First to become a ghoul to a vampire, only to find that he was a "Sabbat infiltrator of the Camarilla", then to discover that he was a Tzimisce, not a Ventrue. Failing further rolls, my Werewolf (with natural shapeshifting potential) contracted the "Vicissitude infection" which made his form even more mutable. With the capability of generating massive combat stats in Crinos (half-man/half-beast) form, and eventually the capability of generating similar massive stats in the "Horrid Form" of Vicissitude, I remember asking if I could combine the two to become a savage creature of outright destruction. It was decided by certain members of the GM staff that if my spiritual side lost control, then this might be feasible, if my character's "horrid form" looked like Alien, then his "Horrid-Crinos-Hybrid-Form" was the Alien Queen.

I failed the roll and lost spiritual control. I don't remember if anyone in the local vicinity survived.

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