31 August, 2016

Of Darkness and Light

That post about the supernatural beings in space. It's lingering...

I'm thinking I'll need to exorcise it soon, even if only with a minimalist rule set...Perhaps a pair of pocketmods. But with a chunk of In Nomine inspiration thrown into the World of Darkness.

Characters portray grey characters between the darkness of the Vampiric immortals and the blinding light of the Technocrats. But they choose a rule set to work with, either light or dark. A crew might be (and most likely is) made up of both. The light gain powers of high tech gear and psychic powers bordering on reality manipulating magick, the dark gain disciplines that circumvent reality through an eternal dark curse. Characters may ascend in power, but doing so draws them out of the grey world where they can play both sides against each other, and instead deeper into the Machiavellian politics of one side or the other.

Naturally even though one side is light and the other side is darkness, they're both just as evil as each other. The light breeds like rabbits, constantly sending troopers to their deaths against the nightmarish immortals. The immortals feed on the masses, and sometimes turn useful soldiers to their own side with gifts of darkness and blood. Between them all, the freebooters (who are the characters) try to remain neutral, but inevitably get caught in the crossfire.

I'm thinking of reverting to FUBAR as the core system for this, maybe generating a bunch of pocketmod playbooks to work as character records (each of which have a range of base powers determined by the character's specific factional allegiance or cultural background).

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