24 May, 2016

Pocketmod familiars

The last post I made gave a brief structure of an 80 page rulebook. That was basically the outline for the familiar game concept I've been toying with over the last couple of weeks (which is in turn an evolution of the quirky rentpunk based die mechanism that formed the basis of my "200 Word RPG Contest" entry). It's quite an expansion to go from 200 words to 80 pages.

I'm not changing the 80 page plan (possibly expanding to 96 pages with a 16 page introductory comic), what I am thinking about now is a stripped back introductory version of the game. A pocketmod version of the rules, with a series of pocketmod pre-generated characters, along with some half pocketmods written up with pre-generated supporting characters, and some locations and quest ideas. Enough to get a one shot happening, maybe a convention game...but basically a teaser and promo for the full 80 page game.

For the moment though, assignments on the issues entwined with Indigenous education need completion. Game design is the reward that comes at the end of the week.
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