02 May, 2016

One Page Dungeon

The first time I participated in the "One Page Dungeon" contest, I was a finalist. I tried to do something innovative that would work with any system (as per the contest brief). That was two years ago.

The second time I participated in the contest, I was just one of the pack. Again, I tried to do something innovative, but it was basically ignored. It felt like the only dungeons doing well in the contest last year were written for OSR, or more specifically written only to be used with pseudo-D&D retroclones. I don't remember anything much generic doing well. That was last year.

So when the contest came around this year, I had a passing interest in it, but I didn't bother entering. I figured I might throw something together if I had the chance, or didn't have better things to do. But better things (or more pressing concerns) continually took priority. I don't feel bad about not entering, I probably would have tried to do something innovative and fairly generic again, because that's my design space. I probably would have been ignored again, even though these two design elements are the claimed intention of the contest.

I'll be interested to see the direction of the finalists, and winner, this year. Maybe I'll enter again next year.
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