29 May, 2016

Game Chef International Time Zones

+Stentor Danielson has posted the time limt for this year's Game Chef contest, and curiously it has gone with a staggered effect lining up with different times in different parts of the world.

One week until Game Chef! I hope everyone is excited for this year's competition. Game Chef 2016 will run from June 4 to June 12. Like last year, we're starting it at midnight New Zealand time and ending at midnight Hawaii time to give everyone the maximum amount of time to work on their game. That means the dates are:

New Zealand: June 4, midnight (start of day)
UK: June 3, 1 PM
USA (Eastern): June 3, 8 AM
USA (Pacific): June 3, 5 AM
Hawaii: June 3, 2 AM

New Zealand: June 13, 10 PM
UK: June 13, 11 AM
USA (Eastern): June 13, 6 AM
USA (Pacific): June 13, 3 AM
Hawaii: June 12, midnight (end of day)

It doesn't really give more time to work on games. In fact, if my calculations are right, it gives designers 2 hours less than previous years to work on stuff compared to previous years. But that really doesn't make a whole lot of difference over a nine day contest. I just think it's an odd move.

No idea what I'm going to do for the contest, hopefully the ingredients will inspire me one way or another, and hopefully the theme while give some good direction.
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