16 September, 2015

Props for LARP and Cosplay (Part 1)

In just over a week, I'll be running a workshop on how to produce props for LARP and cosplay, with a focus on building techniques that are similar, and those that really need to be kept different.

Both types of prop need to look good
Both types of prop need to be generally sturdy
Unlike movie props where five different props might mimic five different functions, it would be nice to have mutliple functions in the same prop so you don't have to carry around five copies.

LARP Props
Need to be soft so they don't hurt people in combat
Don't need to be excessively detailed, because those details may get damaged in regular use

Cosplay Props
Need to look good photographically, and might benefit from added detail
Can be stiffer, and might even be better if they are, because they'll be held in single positions while photos are being taken

But I need to actually make some props to demonstrate these concepts. That means I get to put together some posts over the next week while I make these prop ideas.

The first thing I'm thinking of is a hammer, a bit like Mjolnir.

I found a cheap block of hard foam that makes a good hammer head, about the size I'm after, so I'll just base everything around that.

Next, I'll look for some inspiration images...

The next thing I do is start drawing up some plans for what I want to do with this particular prop.
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