09 September, 2015

First Batch of Threeforged Reviews

I'm adjusting the scoring system to a scale out of 10 with the following criteria.

Playable - Overall does it look playable? (Out of 2)
0 = Not at all
1 = Basically, with some work
2 = Could hit the table right now

Consistent - Does it look like a consistent vision? (vs a muddied mess from too many cooks stirring the pot) (Out of 1)
0 = This is an incoherent train wreck
0.5 = Generally, but feels a bit disjointed
1 = Distinct strong overall vision

Complete - Is it a complete package? (Out of 2)
0 = Needs a lot of extra work or background knowledge to play
1 = Generally everything is there
2 = A complete package

Professional - Does it look professional? (this one really comes down to the last round's efforts... Out of 1)
0 = No effort has been made for this design to look professional
0.5 = Some formatting has been done, it's not bad
1 = This is basicallly ready to print or sell as a pdf

Personal Preference - Would I play it? (Out of 1)
0 = Not even if I had a bunch of friends playing it
0.5 = Maybe I might make time for it
1 = Yes, I want this on the table now

Innovation - Does it look like anything else out there at the moment? (out of 30... Working on the idea that "Yet another f$&king Apocalypse World Hack" or "angsty catharsis situation with no rules" earns zero points, while quirky new ideas or old ideas that haven't surfaced in my streams for a while will score higher point values).
0 = See above
1 = Similar to a lot of other games, but some interesting ideas.
2 = Plenty of fresh ideas here, or old ideas in a new context
3 = Unlike anything I've seen elsewhere

Strangely, I don't have a huge urge to make sure these reviews get done. I'm really happy that a wide community of people are publicly reviewing a range of games, and that everything is getting a look. I've just downloaded the 21 games marked in red as the least downloaded games on the threeforged voting page. I definitely want to get through these games at the very least.

From what I've been seeing, there are some inspiring and awesome ideas that have been emerging from the contest so far. I want to read them, but I've got a lot of other stuff on my plate at the moment. Let's see how things go over the next couple of days.

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