08 February, 2015

Next project

The font has started selling already, and that makes me happy.

So now it's time to start moving on to some of the other unfinished projects which litter my hard drive.

'Other Strangeness', the mutant game based on FUBAR.

My Rentpunk computer RPG, which is generally getting refined and coming along nicely. I'm happy with the dark, gritty, drug hazed simulation which forms the basis of the program, now it just needs a bit more story to make it more interesting than just a bleak tale of trying to survive for as long as you can before disease and neurosis hits. It also needs a few more pictures.

Here's one of the new background city images for the project (the city during the morning). It's more in keeping with my typical illustration style...and arguably very similar to the style I was aiming towards with my 'Other Strangeness' project.

I'm stuck at a certain point in my moulded foam LARP weaponry, more components needed...just waiting on pay day to source them. Then I might get stuck into that tutorial series I've been promising.

I can't work out how to make my deck of cards live on DrivethruCards for Ghost City Raiders, so that's a bit frustrating too...and when things don't work, I get a bit nihilistic, and I'm actually thinking of stripping that whole game back to it's basic concepts and rebuilding it from the ground up.

Anyway...that's enough rant for the moment...back to the grindstone.

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