19 February, 2015

New Ideas from 20 Years Ago

Back before their was a revolution in independent gaming...back before "The Forge" told us everything we were doing in gaming was wrong, and launched a new generation of gaming...before FATE was a thing, and well and truly before Apocalypse World... I was writing ideas in notebooks.

I've got a few notebooks dating back to the late 80s, when I was trying to come up with a fun simple system that worked with the game play I usually saw around the table. Others from the early to mid 90's where I tried to identify the rules we actually used, when White Wolf's hot new "Storyteller System" seemed to have gaps, or seemed too complicated and we just made things up on the fly.

Digging through my shelves in the last couple of hours, I found a few of those notebooks.

Here's a couple of scans from pages in one of those books. A setting I was developing, and have loosely used in a couple of campaigns.

...and some notes for a proto-symbolism, that was intended to form the structure for a language.

There's a few other gems in those books that might be worth resurrecting at some point, or might be worth combining with current unfinished ideas to create new/old hybrid ideas to progress with.
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