22 October, 2014

Sneak preview for my 1000th post

I've been doing this now for a few years, and have finally reached 1000 posts. There have been a few good sequences of ideas in that time, and I've released plenty of different games using a variety of game engines. I've reviewed stuff, I've thrown ideas out there, I've provided mapping tutorials, I've explained my methodology of game design and critiqued the design methodologies of others, I've thrown random stuff in here and there just to break things up a bit.

I've gone from less than a dozen views on a typical day, to an average of a couple of hundred views. I'm certainly not huge in the grand scheme of things, but enough people are interested in my work to keep me plugging away at it. I've been through bouts of depression, worked at keeping my mind active to avoid it, and have had moments of manic inspiration.

As a thankyou to everyone for watching me over the past couple of years, here's a sneak preview of my upcoming children's book project (linked in with my Walkabout stuff). At the end of it all is a link to the Google Drive folder where higher res versions of these images are found.

The Google Drive 

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