26 October, 2014

Designing a Boffer LARP System (Part 31)

Time to do some graphical design for this project.

I discussed earlier the concept of placing key character information on name badges, maybe not the names of characters, but things that could be picked up by spending a bit of time conversing with someone or interacting with them. I deliberately wouldn't include names on these badges because I've been in many LARPs where people go out of their way to conceal their true names as a part of deeper storylines...presenting a name on a badge would defeat the whole purpose in this.

Instead, here's where I'm thinking of heading with a simple round badge.

Vital information comes in each sector. At the bottom and fairly prominent we see hit points, maybe a number, maybe an number of illustrations of blood drops (one per hit point).

Race and culture would be similarly printed on everyone's badge, but there might be a few variants for each of these, with a few red-herring variations to keep players on their toes.

Reputation would be common, and would give a general idea of what people know this character for, if they know the fields where the characters has gained prestige. Many characters wouldn't have done enough of anything to develop this type of prestige, and would thus have nothing marked in their reputation sector. 

Enchantments would only be filled in when a character is under some kind of magical influence that leaves a trace that might be noticeable to certain character types. This would certainly be another part of the badge where plenty of red herrings are used to confuse players. It would be fairly rare for non-mystic characters to have this section filled in.

Finally, the "special" sector which is simply used to cover anything else I haven't thought of.
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