04 October, 2014

Local Conventions

We've got a pretty active convention scene in Sydney, whether that's roleplaying conventions, comic conventions, miniature gaming conventions, or anime/cosplay events. Then you get the special weekend events focused on some particular fandom (such as Dr Who, Star Trek, etc.) typically put on by one of the many fan clubs across the city.

A few weeks ago we had OzComicCon, a generic pop culture event where we saw William Shatner, Orlando Bloom (and a bunch of other actors portraying dwarves in The Hobbit), Jason Momoa, the two leads from Warehouse 13 (who Leah and I had long chats with), and numerous other actors who were the primary drawcards, while comic artists also attended and drew smaller groups of fans.

(Yes, I'm Batman)

This current weekend it's a "long weekend" with a public holiday Monday, so we've got Sydcon (Roleplaying) and MOAB (Mother of All Battlegames) as the big gaming events, and a few fan club events scattered across the city.

Often I run games at Sydcon, but the last year or two have been too busy. This year we dropped in to MOAB to see how things are progressing in the world of miniatures. The convention is small compared to a pop-culture event like OzComicCon (which draws tens of thousands of patrons), this is because it's a smaller niche hobby, but getting a few hundred people along consistently for two decades is nothing to complain about. Every year they fill this sporting hall, with stallholders from across the country, scores of tables playing Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, a dozen or more tables dedicated to each of the other big games filling the hive of rooms scattered across the complex (Warmachine/Hordes, Flames of War, Infinity, etc.).

Beyond these games that I know from the shelves of the local stores there was plenty of local independent stuff...some very interesting games with interesting game mechanisms. These independent games are typically written by a single person who has no desire to really spread their rule set to a wider community, they just have a set of rules they like to use and they like to run games for people.

It's great to see.

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