19 June, 2013

Walkabout Page Layout

I'm getting stuck into the rewrite of Walkabout, especially after learning some great things about it's mechanisms and how they interact with the narrative in the hands of new players. But naturally I'm a visual person, so my mind has shifted toward ways of presenting the rules.

I want this game to look scavenged; pieced together from fragments of the past. I want it to reflect the cultures that will be explored by the characters in their journey across a shattered wasteland.

I want it to look hand-made, without actually being flimsy and handmade.

I'm thinking of presenting the rules as a journal or notebook that has been pieced together by someone. The rules and images will look like they've been stuck into this book by someone who has pride in their work, but doesn't have the tools at their disposal to produce something "professional"...so I'm going for pseudo-handmade, a product so slick that it doesn't look slick.

And some pages (maybe in the combat section), will show the violence and danger inherent in the setting.

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