29 June, 2013


So, there's a new boffer LARP starting up in Sydney next week.

In my 20 years of live roleplaying, I haven't been to a good boffer LARP. I've been to some half-arsed events that weren't good at all. I've seen medieval re-enactment groups who've tried to tell stories between their battles, but most of them ended up no better than fan-fic with a dozen collaborative authors all complaining about who is telling the "true" story.

So, if this work it's got me curious.

It seems to be using the same system as a failed boffer LARP that died out four to five years ago (something I was going to join with a group of friends, but which collapsed just as we were getting interested).

Now that it's starting again fresh, let's see where it heads. Hopefully, they'll be open to some suggestions about how to make a dynamic storytelling ecosystem...maybe the world has learnt some lessons from MMORPGs (which can be similar to big LARP events in many respects).  
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