28 March, 2013

Town Guard

The idea is a cross between Munchkin and Small World.

Each player gets a character made up of a trait and a race...eg. "Studious"/"Elf", "Beserker"/"Halfling". The assorted characters are the members of a town guard, they will be paid bonuses for completing assignments and keeping the town in order. But they each want the bonus, and they aren't afraid to sabotage their fellow guardsmen.

The characters move across a town map and complete missions that will keep the peace. Undertaking those mission requires meeting a certain difficulty/target number, you need to play cards to boost your skill up to the target number, and you can play cards to boost the target number facing your fellow guardsmen.

Characters who complete missions earn gold, allies, equipment and other rewards that make future missions easier to achieve.  

It's for the Game Crafter's Miniature Based Game Contest.

Anyone interested?
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