21 March, 2013

A Brief Goblin Revisit

A few people may know that I generated up a Goblin Tarot Deck in late 2011. I ran a crowd funded project to get it up and running, and while it made the necessary money to get funded, I didn't consider how much it would cost to get the decks sent out to people.

I didn't want to let down those people who'd given me their money, so I've slowly been processing the orders and the project has almost reached it's conclusion...one more package to go.

As a part of these final deliveries I've been putting together some special images, taking extra care on the cold-cast resin boxes, and trying to give people value for their money (even if I've been bad with the timing).

Here are some of the sketches that have been sent to the those awesome people who've been patient and have offered so much to me for this project.

I just thought I'd share.

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