Town Guard game price calculations

I calculated out what I need to produce the Town Guard boardgame (the name is still subject to change).

To be eligible for The Game Crafter's contest, the total costing of the game has to come in at under $30 and it has to contain 12 figures.


$7.08 = 12 figures x $0.59 [Warrior][Rogue][Sorceress][Skeleton][Goblin][Knight][Dwarf Axeman][Orc][Elf][Adventurer][Zombie][Dwarf Crossbowman]

$9.36 = 6 x $1.56 [108 cards (6 x 18 cards)]
$0.44 = [1 rule document]
$3.39 = [70 Circular Shards]
$6.49 = [12 Large Hex Tiles]
$2.99 = [Large Game Box (Top Wrap)]

$29.75 Total

I went through the figures during the week when I was fine-tuning ideas for the game. I was sure that all of the figures I wanted were 59 cents...but now when I look through them, I see that only the elf, dwarf and goblin figures are that price. Most of the human figures are 79 cents or even 99 cents.

Since I'm cutting the budget pretty tight, I could exchange one or two figures for a human or a skeleton, but basically everything will be elves, dwarves and goblins. This turn of events has basically led me to believe that a non-human fantasy game might have to be an option. I've specifically decided not to call the games races "human", "elf" or anything mundane like it's not really an issue. 

I'd also like to make sure there are a few female characters in the mix, but these tend to push the price up as well.

Perhaps a future incarnation of the game might allow for these features, or perhaps some expansion sets.

Still lot's of thoughts resolve before this project is fully ready.


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