03 January, 2013

Ghost City Raiders: Now Available

Last night I was up until all hours of the night uploading all of necessary components for the starter edition of Ghost City Raiders. You can buy the basic rules here or the complete starter bundle here (at a saving of 55%).

It's sold a few copies already now that I've woken up the next morning, which is always a pleasant sight. Slightly less pleasant is that fact that it's already generated some controversial discussions on G+. Still, I'm happy for these discussions, they've shown some fundamental flaws in the sales model (and advertising spiel) that can be fairly easily overcome.

I'm going through all of the scenarios and characters now, providing them with a point of difference for the consumer. This will come in the form of the character and scenario background preambles. I've got these done as much as I can for now, but it'll be a few hours before I can get back to an internet connection to change the remainder of the files. I'll also be porting it across for sales on the DrivethruWargame sister site to RPGNow, to see if that helps.

Still, it was nice to earn a bit of money for the time I slept last night.

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