02 September, 2012

NaGaDeMoN in two months

That time of year is coming up again.

I've been busy working on a pair of games all year, and it's been a slog.

Hell on 8 Wheels is being prepared for pre-release prototype playtesting. Walkabout has settled into a form I'm happy with and now it's time to refine the spread of notes into something that might make logical sense to someone other than myself.

While some people spend the month of November writing amateur novels, a small but dedicated group (led by Nathan Russell), spend the time developing new game ideas.

With a head full of game ideas itchng to come out, I'm wondering whether I should dedicate the month to writing a brand new game, or simply spend the time writing a solid playtestable version of the Walkabout rules.

I'm tending toward the latter. 
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