Modified Walkabout Sheets

Walkabout is't one of those games where all of the rules fit on a single sheet; that might be an admirable design objective, but there are simply too many nuances in the game to handle a single side of a single page. On the other hand, I do like those sets of miniature rules where a "cheat sheet" provides all the core information to help a new player get started (and to remind veterans of the basic rules without forcing them to open up a dusty tome). 

With this in mind, I'm thinking about the option of splitting out the basic rules of the game onto a simple play sheet. Most of the rest of a character's information will be defined by a series of index cards, and this play sheet doesn't have much to make it specific for a given character. It basically just provides a place for players to distribute their tokens as they resolve their situations, and a handy guide to visualise their body  markings and long term injuries. I'll add here that I've clarified how the front and back of the torso and abdomen can have different injuries, scars or tattooes. The circular track around the central figure shows the characters progress along their long-term spiritual journey (gaining advantages and disadvantages as they wander the spiritually shattered land). Actual methods for filling this sheet out in play will be clarified in the rules.

If I take this route, I could provide the sheets as good quality full-colour glossy dry-erase boards so players can indicate the specifics for their character while wiping them clean once a new wayfarer's story begins (or as a cheaper option simply get players to insert the pages into a clear file sleeve which can be written on).  

I'm basically just throwing ideas around at the moment, to see what sticks.


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