Do you want to appear in an RPG?

As I draw more images for the new incarnation of Walkabout, I'm wondering if there are any people in my circles who might be interested in having their likenesses immortalised as illustrations of post apocalyptic survivors...

 For those who are interested in being depicted in a post apocalyptic light, find a suitable picture for me to work off and send it my way. The pictures I'll find most appropriate are at least 300x300px (preferably 600x600 or more), with an interesting lighting.

For everyone who has responded so far, I've been going through your profiles trying to find suitable photos. But a few of you have no photos at all.

When, or if, you have an appropriate photo fopr me to base a picture on. Either privately send it to me here, or direct it to my regular email address (vulpinoid (at) mail (dot) com).

I'm not necessarily looking for headshots, but you do want a headshot please be looking in some direction away from the camera. I'm not planning to create White-Wolf style, angsty portraits of dour looking tragically hip individuals.

If you want to be doing something in particular (writing, working on something, in a pose fighting and imaginary something that I can add in creative) I can certainly work with that.

If you've got a picture you'd like me to use (or if you want to take a particular picture for me to use)...I'll use that.

If I don't get something from people over the next weeks or so, I'll try to find something suitable from their Facebook/Google+/Other profiles. Remembering that a close up picture will give me a better chance of depicting you...a distant shot could be an image of anyone (what's the point of appearing in an RPG if we can't tell it's you?).

If I don't get anything, and don't find anything suitable on a profile, then sorry...opportunity lost.

So, how about it?


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