2012 - A New Year and a New Topic (or Two)

I was pretty slack with my blogging during 2011. Too busy attending to other things in my life.

Don't worry, I haven't made a New Years Resolution to blog more often this year, or to blog with better quality...after all New Years Resolutions have a nasty habit of breaking apart after a month or so.

Instead I've just decided that I'll be focusing my personal game design projects around two topics this year.

First a redesign of the game "Walkabout".

Second, the development of a roller-derby board game called "Hell On 8 Wheels".

Over the course of the next few months, I'd like to share the development process of these game with everyone who reads the blog. If you've got some good ideas along the way, or some points that you'd like to make about my designs, please feel free to comment or get in contact with me via other means. I always love to hear other people's input.

In addition to these topics I might throw in the occasional random link to another game or topic that interests me, just like I have been over the past few years.

Anyway...on with the game developments.


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