Another Roller Derby Game

It appears that I'm not the only person developing a Roller Derby boardgame at the moment.

Impact Miniatures are in the process of playtesting a game called Impact City Roller Derby. I'm not afraid to say that this game is out there, and the miniatures look good.

I've signed myself up as a playtester to see what they have in store, and it will be interesting to see the final product.

I'll still be working away at Hell on Eight Wheels though because I think my take will be a bit different coming from a roleplaying perspective.

I'll be focusing on the individuality of the skaters, with a bit more personality thrown their way in the form of personal rivalries, character backgrounds and development over the course of a season.

Impact City Roller Derby looks like it is going to focus on teams...but I' not going to make any guesses at this stage and I'm certainly not going to start second guessing Ho8W.


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