23 July, 2010

d10 Core

After my last post, I've been poking around a bit and have found a kickstarter project for a system called d10 Core.

Kickstarter seems to be the hot new thing for getting small to medium sized projects up and running. A few indie games are taking this route to get the first print run out.

But this one's a bit different, it's more like the old school games. Lots of intricate mechanics compared to a lot of new school indie games, so either the author is comparing the game to something like D&D or Pathfinder when he says that it's "Total weight is 150 pages, so I think it is just heavy enough to be crunchy, but light enough not to be all-consuming."...or he is pretty much on par for a lot of the game in the old school renaissance crowd. If it were formatted differently it could probably be cut down to 100 A4 pages (then expanded back out to the 150 mark with pictures).

It follows the old GM/Player split. Nothing really revolutionary in it (Die + static skill modifer + situation modifers versus a static difficulty for task resolution...die + static skill modifer + situation modifers versus die + static skill modifer + situation modifers when characters are facing off). Combat in rounds. No inherent genre or leaning toward a specific style of story...which leaves it pretty vanilla.

On the whole, it's the kind of game that makes me think..."Why bother rewriting what a dozen other writers have done before? Why not just admit that you are retreading the Fuzion system?...why not just release some supplements for the Fuzion system, since it's already done most of the hard work?"

Actually now that I look at the Fuzion System for the purposes of adding links into the blog...it's probably not the best analogue to d10 Core, the previous Interlock system (used in Cyberpunk 2020) is probably closer. It's a 20 year old game engine, at least. You can change the names of the stats and skills, but the results are effectively the same.

Maybe I'm just ranting again, but it's really frustrating to see a designer pop their head up and say "Hey I've got something new, please give me money"...when the very thing being offered is a retread of old rules.

At least this guy has had the common decency to offer his product as a free pdf.

Maybe I'm just getting grumpy in my old age.
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