06 July, 2010

Art Nouveau Roleplaying

As a student of design, one of the periods I loved was Art Nouveau. You can see this a bit in my website (especially through the swirling parts of the menu block in the lower right corner).

But I'd love to develop a game where this aesthetic echoes through all elements of the product, not merely adding graphical elements and nouveau typography as a veneer over a standard base.

The recent Cyberpunk revival project has reminded me of the many games which have been designed with a cyberpunk attitude. The output from the project has added a few more great examples to the mix; it would be nice to see a few of them achieve refinement and professional publication (whether free or otherwise).

I've seen games try to push a modernist agenda through their imagery, mechanisms and flavour text. The transhumanist games even seem to push a post-modernist agenda.

But the closest I can think to an Art Nouveau game is Nobilis; and that's only from flicking through the game a few times over the years at my local game store. It looks unfathomable on many levels, and the confusing conflict in feedback over the product hasn't enticed me to run out and buy a copy.

I have a pdf copy of Fae Noir, and that also seems to come close. But along with it's art deco and darker noir aspects, it seems to be the very type of product I'm trying to avoid...a standard base with a stylised veneer overlay.

I'm wondering what else might be out there.
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