10 July, 2010

Come One Come All

I've just admitted to writing "Come One Come All" for Little Game Chef.

It was a bit of a monster, but it got some ideas out of my system.

I thought that I had gotten them out in a coherent fashion, but I guess I was wrong.

The game concept is a step toward realising my Brigaki Djili idea, in two ways.

Firstly, it is a game of communal storytelling. A single focus drives a story and the players collaborate on uncovering a collective truth.

Secondly, it is a game described from the perspective of an anthropologist. A game developed from a ritual described by an outsider.

I'm trying to write things in such a way that they are approachable by someone who has no idea about roleplaying games. Perhaps something that might have been developed in the late 19th century as a parlor game; maybe based on Ouija boards and penny-dreadful mysticism. It's probably even connected to my current thought patterns on Art Nouveau style gaming.

I guess these two concepts need a bit more work before they are truly coherent to someone encountering them for the first time.

Then again, maybe it was just a bit too overwhelming for a contest where the judges were looking for short form games.

I don't consider the game a failure, just another step on the path of Brigaki Djili.

I'll probably end up reworking "Come One, Come All" in some way to develop it as a part of the Games for Goblins project...thematically it could be a nice fit.

Link coming shortly
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