27 June, 2010

Unexploited Resource #3: Coming Soon

I've had a habit recently, a coming up with great idea then releasing it to the world through a contest entry.

That's the theory anyway.

Sometimes the ideas don't take (I like to think that the ideas are simply too revolutionary, and people aren't ready for them yet)...sometimes I probably just don't explain them well enough.

Little Game Chef is on now.

...and so, another of my ideas bordering genius and insanity is coming to fruition.

But the judges have asked that we work alone, not posting our ideas on the various forums where the contest was advertised.

This post is basically a reminder to myself, a chance to reveal the various ideas and research regarding the tool I'm using in my Little Game Chef entry.

Suffice to say, it should link into the contests theme of "comedy" pretty well. Especially in an immersionist way.

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