29 June, 2010

Back to Quincunx

I've just about finished my "Little Game Chef" entry, those who are familiar with my work will be able to pick it instantly.

Then it's a break from my own games.

Avalon seems to be fairly professional in their dealings with freelancers. I've submitted an outline for my booklet "How to make a GREAT dungeon", and they seem happy enough with it that they're already interested in offering me some more work.

But for my own stuff, it's back to my Quincunx graphic novel, the source of inspiration driving the RPG I've been working on for the past few years.

I've had the outline of my story for quite some time, there are notes going back to 2006, and a preliminary version dating back to meeting David Mack during his visit to Sydney Supanova in 2002 (Quincunx began as a homage to Kabuki, a story within that world focusing on one of the other operatives...but then I decided to take the story for my own and introduce some of the other elements I was working on). It's been an ongoing labour of love...with weeks of effort put in, followed by weeks of frustration, then months of being sidetracked before making a conscious effort to get things moving again. The story has evolved deeply within it's structure, and in recent revisions I'm starting to wonder if it has become too Byzantine and unapproachable.

The one thing I have decided is to make the main characters story a lot more reflective of what I know. I had imbued a lot of my though patterns into the main character, but if I add even more of myself into the protagonist it will be a much more personal story and hopefully will give the character a more rounded perspective.

I've knocked over a few dozen illustrations for the graphic novel in this round of work, and I can add that to the sixty or so images I've rendered in previous periods of work. Another post will reveal some of these.

So I'm warning everyone in advance, if I go quiet on the blog...that's what I'm doing. Neil Gaiman and Kevin Smith come to town in a couple of months and I really want to get something ready for when they arrive.

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Rob Lang said...

Getting over that hurdle to start work on something that you have put on the back burner is really hard. Well done for making that step.

You have got some big names you're shooting for, good luck with those!