22 March, 2009

Little Game Chef

This time last year I entered the Annual Game Chef contest with some artwork and a game of my own.

In the time since then, one of the games developed from my artwork has started to progress more formally as a finished product. That game was "Sexy Deadly", but the design progression has only happened through the original author passing the ideas on to a new crew.

I had originally offered free illustrations and page layout to anyone designing a game based on my work. But the new group don't want to take up these services...oh well.

My own game from last year, based on fragmented dreams trying to survive in a world where the only options seem to be a decay into nightmare, or being forgotten...

But time has come full circle and the contest is on again, albeit in a smaller form.

Little Game Chef has two requirements this year. First a theme, "immersion". Second a list of four ingredients of which 3 must be used in the game designed, "Sea", "Burn", "Horse", "Midnight".

You get bonus points for a secondary design goal if you manage to fit the game onto a single A4 page. I've done this with a previous project, so I know it's possible.

First glances through people's posts have indicated quite a few "Seahorses", I don't know if this will be indicative of the final designs, but I've decided to steer away from this. I'm actually going to avoid most of the immediate connotations and go with my gut instinct.


In Voodoo the person currently channelling the spirits is called a "Horse", the act of this tends to "burn" them out physically and spiritually, and if "midnight" isn't a good time for a voodoo ceremony then I don't know what is...

This concept links into the idea of immersion from two perspectives; it allows the players to immerse themselves in a mysterious culture of the real world, and it allows the characters as spirits to immerse themselves in a host body.

I've got a bunch of tools at my disposal in the form of these game mechanisms, let's see if I can combine some of them into a working game.
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