03 March, 2009

Finally, another actual Observation...

This blog started out with me commenting on various things I saw around me.

Some of those things were related to roleplaying, others were related to theology, philosophy, or just my general perceptions on how the world at large works.

It's tended back to the roleplaying as a staple, but finally I've seen something that I just have to make an observation about.

While doing some research on immortality I found a blog entry from someone else.

A few paragraphs in to it I read something that just shocked me.

"I suppose life would get boring if it went on forever," she added. Now we were getting somewhere: In 25 years of talking to people about these issues, I had never heard that response before. Eternal life would be boring.

Is this guy serious?

He claims to be a game designer and he's never heard this response!!

That's one of the key themes of many pieces of vampire fiction. The need to continually find something meaning to do with your eternity, the desire to stay relevant in the world. White Wolf used the notion heaps of times in Vampire the Masquerade, and their Mummy line of books used this as the main morality factor driving the characters. Without a desire to find new things, they just get bored and eventually drive themselves insane through that boredom.

I had thought this guy might have some useful ideas to explore since his comment seems to be a part of something entitled 'Game Design Sketchbook', but I have to seriously wonder...
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