26 March, 2009

Little Game Chef Part 2

I've completed my Little Game Chef Entry.

The Gambit of Erzulie Ga-Rouge.

It uses chess as a pacing and scene development tool, and hopefully draws players into the experience of the setting through layers of intrigue within the game play as well as levels of intrigue within the metagaming.

Trying to get this down to two pages hasn't been easy.

It would have been much nicer in 4 pages, with a bit more room for some decent explanations and some better ideas to jump start stories...perhaps even a couple of illustrations to help further set the tone for the game.

I had considered the idea of really immersing potential players in the tropes of the game by writing it in Haitian Creole, or at least scattering a few words very liberally throughout the text, but I've come to he conclusion that this would just make he game too confusing and would require even more explanation. Taking the current 3 to 4 page optimal layout up to 5 or 6. The judges have already indicated that they'll stop reading a game once it bores them.

I'd love to play the game I've designed, it looks like it could have some fun developments. I don't know if playing the game could ever be feasible though, especially since it requires 4 chessboards, a full set of chess pieces, a full set of checkers and dozens of dice to play.

I guess that once you've invested in this much to play a single game, it sort of encourages the immersion. Potential players get to the point where they decide for themselves that if they're going to play it, they'll have to go all the way. No point setting up all that preparation for a half-arsed game.
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